Singularity Jones is a world-worn fourtysomething hack from the South Coast of the UK. This is his Internet Shed. There was more here in the past, but it all got destroyed by Russian spammers, for no apparent reason other than they could. If you’re a Russian spammer reading this, may your genitals be filled with parasitic worms and weeping sores, may your nights feel endless and filled with tortured dreams of disfigurement and sexual inadequacy and may your partners betray you humiliatingly and often. I hate you and all that you stand for with the fire of a thousand suns.

If you’re not a Russian spammer, you’re welcome. Hello, visitor. Rummage in my Internet Shed.


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  1. ‘Member me? Chavworld Massive haha. Was trawling an old internet account for memoir fodder and came across this. How you doin’ buddy?

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