Love hellebores. This one was a gift from my mother, all my others died off. Got the light tent out for the first time in about two years to have a very quick go at shooting it. Need more practice, but at least I got something…


Old Winchester Hill

On holiday from work for two weeks now, and trying to make the most of it while dodging the weather. Took Little Ro, my second-eldest daughter for a walk up Old Winchester Hill in a brief window between showers. Well worth it, the view of cloud shadows rolling across the landscape was magnificent. It’s a place I love very much – I used to come here as a kid in the early eighties. At the time they were still clearing up unexploded mortars from World War 2 (the hill was used as a mortar testing range) and there were warning signs everywhere. It always seemed a bit scary as a result.


The iron age fort at the top is another source of fascination – you can’t help thinking about the people who lived and died there thousands of years ago and what that must have been like, and how different the landscape they viewed would have been.


Now, there’s just the wildlife and the walkers.