The Sounds of Singularity Jones.

Here’s all the stuff that I’ve whacked on the Interwebs over the last few years. I want, I really really want, to start recording new stuff soon, but have been thwarted by stupid technical problems of truly biblical proportions…

A Warm Bad Day

A Fistful of Squalor

Admiral of the Blue

Broken Water

Ever Decreasing Circles

Face Front

Falling Off The Face Of The Earth EP

Falling Off The Face Of The Earth EP

Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before

Flies And Spiders

Glue Haze

It’s Later Than You Think

Leaving Thin Walls


No Wine Of This World Can Warm Me

None But Self

Not Enough Gun

Oh Dear I Kicked Your Face

Oil In Water

Quicksand In E Minor

This Is What They Want/Yamazaki EP

Slow Gin

Slurring My Words

So Far, So What

Some Song Or Other

Telephones Are Falling

Tessellated Elephant

The Land Gives And The Sea Takes

This Is What They Want/Yamazaki EP

Tight Shoes

Tilting At Windmills


What If It All Turns Out Fine


You Always Stop Trying Just When You Think You Can Win

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