Maybe, spring’s here at last?

Sat outside today with laptop, notebook and voice recorder, and importantly, beer. Couldn’t use the laptop because the sun was too bright, but hell, that’s a problem I’m more than happy to be living with given the weather we’ve had for the last few weeks.

And then I started noticing the butterflies. First ones I’ve seen all year. There were lots of them too.

And some of the bees that usually make nests in the clay. No chance of that at the moment though, the ground is so waterlogged, and likely to remain so. I worry about my bees. I want them to have somewhere to live. I might dig up some big piles of earth for them which are high enough not to flood. I also have a bee hotel that they’re welcome to move in to.

Not much sign of many plants having survived though. We’ll see, but I think this year might be a gardening write off.